The summerhouse above measures 8' x 8' and is shown with a hipped roof, ideally suited for a corner.

The summerhouse below measures 12'x8' with a 4' roof overhang.

The summerhouse above measures 16' x 10' and is shown with a roof overhang and felt shingle tiles.

The summerhouse below measures 8'x8' and is shown with sloped sides to meet the overhang on the roof.  


The sun house below measures 14'x9' and has glass on all 4 sides and is complete with 3 opening windows.

The photo below shows the inside of one of our summerhouses which has been insulated and lined with 12mm pine linings at a 45 degree angle which creates a great look.  

The summerhouse below measures 18'x10' and is complete with a box profile roof with 2 roof lights.The picture to the right shows the inside lined with plywood.


The above summerhouse/shed combo measures 18'x10' and comprises of a 10'x10' shed and a 10'x8' summerhouse finished with felt shingle tiles.

The above shows the interior of a previous build with upstairs play area.

The above hot tub house measures 20'x12'. Designed solely to house a large hot tub.

The below shows an 18'x10' summerhouse/shed combo. Complete with felt shingles.